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Welcome to LongBraid Designs the home of quality IncrediMail Letters, Email Signatures & Graphic Design. If you're not familiar with the fantastic IncrediMail email program, let us assure you that it's light years beyond Outlook & all other email programs on the web. Once you experience IncrediMail, life will never be the same!

>>Click here to download the FREE IncrediMail program<<

Here at LongBraid Designs you'll find a myriad of Free IncrediMail Stationery to download & send graphically stunning emails to your friends, family & business associates. We welcome you to stop by our unique Personalized IncrediMail section where you can order IncrediMail letter styles, with your name on them, from our menu of premade styles, or head over to our Custom IncrediMail Letters section where you can order Custom-made IncrediMail personal & business letterheads using your own pictures and/or logos or we can locate graphics for you to bring your stationery to life. We guarantee that we'll work with you till you're happy with the results.

Pay a visit to our Signature Center where you can order static or animated email signatures from our menu or have a more individual experience by ordering signatures custom designed just for you. Our signatures can be used in emails, on Facebook, in forums & on game sites, message boards or anywhere on the internet where a picture can be displayed.

In our Banner Ad Design area you can order professionally designed banner ads that will definitely get you noticed & drive more traffic to your website. As in our other design areas, we'll work with you till your ad looks just the way you want it.

Look for this site map button Site Map on the bottom of every page and you'll be able to access all areas of this web site from there. Before you leave be sure to join our mailing list, so you'll receive notices when our website is updated & get news of sales we're running. We'd love for you to sign our guestbook, as we enjoy hearing comments & suggestions from our visitors & customers. It is our sincerest hope that you enjoyed your visit, came away from the experience a little richer & you'll come back often to see what's new!


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